Double Covered Yarn
Spandex + Nylon6
  • Item No. : Spandex + Nylon6
  • Product Name : Spandex Double Cover Yarn
Description :
SPandex Double Cover Yarn is made of A Grade Spandex Yarn and Nylon Yarn, which come from Lycra, Roica and Acelon.

Spandex Double Cover Yarn is available for OEM service.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interestd in Spandex Double Cover Yarn.

Features :
Spandex Double Cover Yarn - Spandex + Nylon6
Specification Type Luster
Spandex(D) Nylon6(D/D) Flat Textured Bright Semi-dull Full-dull
70 15/15
140 15/15
140 20/20
140 70/70
280 40/40
560 150/150
1120 140/140

※In addition to the above product specifications ,Chin Hsiung includes the denier of 210D, 420D and 840D twisted with different yarns and provides different Draft ratio and TPI with customers required for Commercial and industrial uses. We offered reliable and innovative quality products through our quality control system
Applications :
Spandex Double Cover Yarn is available for Sportswear, Waistband and Shoulder Straps use.
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